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Forever · Young

when i picked it up and said hello, this foot came through the line!

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1. What is your name? odey, which is short for odette. i am sixteen years old, not that you asked, but there you go!

2. Where are you from? lancaster, in the north of england. it's extremely pretty and i love it.

3. What is your favorite Dylan song? ahh, too difficult! some of my favourites are: mr. tambourine man, shelter from the storm, changing of the guards, boots of spanish leather, one too many mornings, stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again, don't think twice it's alright, tombstone blues, it's alright ma (i'm only bleeding), buckets of rain.. i'll just end up going on forever though, so i'll stop.

4. What is your favorite Dylan album? i don't actually have very many, eight or so. but i find it difficult to choose. i listen to bringing it all back home a lot, and blonde on blonde. but i think as a whole, blood on the tracks is probably my favourite, it just gives me a funny feeling inside (hehe, cringey, i can't explain why i love it so much though!)

5. Who are your favorite bands/musicians? the bands/muscicians i listen to most are smashing pumpkins, the incredible string band, bright eyes, mount eerie, joseph arthur, alkaline trio and eels. but i listen to a lot of different music, mostly folk-y things, but also jazz, hip hop, dance music.. anything as long as i like it, basically!

6. What is your favorite Dylan moment? i have no idea! in a lot of the interviews i've seen he manages to say something funny or cute.. one of my favourites has to be when a reporter (i think) asks him to put his glasses in his mouth, and he tells the reporter to put his glasses in his own mouth (bad explanation, but you probably know what i mean, if you've seen it!) and as i'm sure a lot of people say, the beginning of bob dylan's 115th dream when the band don't come in and bob giggles..! also, bob's facial expression in this photo makes me unbelievably happy -

7. In your opinion, what is Dylan's most underrated work? well, i'm no expert, i don't even have that many albums at all. i think a lot of his later work is overlooked because people seem to think he's 'past it' or something, but each 'era' of bob has different things i like about it.. and so i'm hoping to listen to a lot more of the later albums because from what i've heard of them, i'm going to like them!

I've just joined this community, because it looks like a nice, friendly, Bob loving place! xo

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On June 21st, 2006 02:58 am (UTC), geegee4eva commented:
yessss "who wants to suck my glasses?"

haha. haha. ha.
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On June 21st, 2006 11:58 pm (UTC), queeniefox commented:
Hee, I love that glasses bit. God, he must have got bored of all those dumb interviewers. Welcome!
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