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Forever · Young

He Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying

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Is it just me, but are is there no fan fiction for Bob Dylan. I try to search for some on google and here in livejournal but I dont find any. Does anyone know anywhere there's Bob Dylan fan fiction?
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hello, i´m new.

1. What is your name?
2. Where are you from?
Switzerland, Germany, currently living in London.
3. What is your favorite Dylan song?
Abandoned Love
4. What is your favorite Dylan album?
Blood On The Tracks / Desire / Hard Rain
5. Who are your favorite bands/musicians?
apart from Dylan, i´m quite partial to: The Smiths, Morrissey,Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, The Clash, The Wallflowers, Buzzcocks, Magazine, New York Dolls, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Beatles, Sparks, Patrick Wolf, Lupen Crook.. sorry, this is getting too long.
6. What is your favorite Dylan moment?
i shall not go into my personal ones (too many), i think One Too Many Mornings on Hard Rain is certainly one of his outstanding ones.

7. In your opinion, what is Dylan's most underrated work?
i´d say Shot Of Love.. actually, i think most his christian songs and especially the live performances 1979-1981 are incredibly underrated!

i´m thinking of going as Rosemary to a Halloween Party tomorrow (black dress, red flower in hair, false eyelashes, red lips, a deck of cards and a revolver).. good idea or not?
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That Joke Isn´t Funny Anymore (live) - The Smiths
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so i know that these topics sometimes start controversy and that is by no means my intention but...i think this is valid.

i was wondering if anyone has heard the new bright eyes album? it's getting alot of reviews saying that it's quite reminiscent of dylan and i know that alot of people hate the idea of branding a 21st century dylan (i too count myself in this group). but after listening to the album, i honestly felt the connection. it reminds me alot of dylan's stuff. lyrically and musically. does anyone else feel that way? or the opposite?

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I saw "Like A Rolling Stone" performed live, by Bob Dylan...LIVE! I can die now.

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It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
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my bestfriend painted it
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the killers- sam's town
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does anyone have the original version (not the live version) of "4th Time Around" that they would perhaps like to yousend me? or AIM works too... DontThinkTwice63


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Bob Dylan iPod commercial.


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whoa, did you guys get that email from bobdylan.com with the extra 'dont look back' footage? he plays "ill keep it with mine" the song that he wrote, but Nico sang on her first album "Chelsea Girls," it's cool. there's other stuff, too.
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I'm taking advantage of the summer by raiding my Dad's Dylan collection, and I discovered two great albums: Infidels and Planet Waves. Unfortunately, I've already heard or own everything else he has.

These Dylan discoveries have got me in the mood to seek new albums out. Below are the ones I haven't heard. Any suggestions as to what should be next?

Good as I've been to You
Under the Red Sky
Down in the Groove 
Shot of Love
Street Legal

I'm leaning towards 'Street Legal', just because it's so contreversial among Dylan fans. On the other hand, I want to try 'Saved' or 'Shot of Love', because I loved 'Slow Train Coming'.


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